// ID_CA.H

#define NUMMAPS		60
#define MAPPLANES	2

#define UNCACHEGRchunk(chunk)	{MM_FreePtr(&grsegs[chunk]);grneeded[chunk]&=~CA_levelbit;}


typedef	struct
	long		planestart[3];
	unsigned	planelength[3];
	unsigned	width,height;
	char		name[16];
} maptype;


extern	char		audioname[13];

extern	byte 		_seg	*tinf;
extern	int			mapon;

extern	unsigned	_seg	*mapsegs[MAPPLANES];
extern	maptype		_seg	*mapheaderseg[NUMMAPS];
extern	byte		_seg	*audiosegs[NUMSNDchunkS];
extern	void		_seg	*grsegs[NUMchunkS];

extern	byte		far	grneeded[NUMchunkS];
extern	byte		CA_levelbit,CA_levelnum;

extern	char		*titleptr[8];

extern	int			profilehandle,debughandle;

extern	char		extension[5],

extern long		_seg *grstarts;	// array of offsets in egagraph, -1 for sparse
extern long		_seg *audiostarts;	// array of offsets in audio / audiot
// hooks for custom CAche dialogs
extern	void	(*drawCAchebox)		(char *title, unsigned numCAche);
extern	void	(*updateCAchebox)	(void);
extern	void	(*finishCAchebox)	(void);


// just for the score box reshifting

void CAL_ShiftSprite (unsigned segment,unsigned source,unsigned dest,
	unsigned width, unsigned height, unsigned pixshift);


void CA_OpenDebug (void);
void CA_CloseDebug (void);
boolean CA_FarRead (int handle, byte far *dest, long length);
boolean CA_FarWrite (int handle, byte far *source, long length);
boolean CA_ReadFile (char *filename, memptr *ptr);
boolean CA_LoadFile (char *filename, memptr *ptr);
boolean CA_WriteFile (char *filename, void far *ptr, long length);

long CA_RLEWCompress (unsigned huge *source, long length, unsigned huge *dest,
  unsigned rlewtag);

void CA_RLEWexpand (unsigned huge *source, unsigned huge *dest,long length,
  unsigned rlewtag);

void CA_Startup (void);
void CA_Shutdown (void);

void CA_SetGrPurge (void);
void CA_CAcheAudiochunk (int chunk);
void CA_LoadAllSounds (void);

void CA_UpLevel (void);
void CA_DownLevel (void);

void CA_SetAllPurge (void);

void CA_ClearMarks (void);
void CA_ClearAllMarks (void);

#define CA_MarkGrchunk(chunk)	grneeded[chunk]|=CA_levelbit

void CA_CAcheGrchunk (int chunk);
void CA_CAcheMap (int mapnum);

void CA_CAcheMarks (void);
void CA_CAcheScreen (int chunk);