extern	boolean		MS_CheckParm (char far *string);

extern	char		str[80],str2[20];
extern	int			tedlevelnum;
extern	boolean		tedlevel;
extern	boolean		nospr;
extern	boolean		IsA386;

extern	byte far	*scalermemory;

extern	fixed		focallength;
extern	unsigned	viewangles;
extern	unsigned	screenofs;
extern	int		    viewwidth;
extern	int			viewheight;
extern	int			centerx;
extern	int			shootdelta;

extern	int			dirangle[9];

extern	boolean         startgame,loadedgame,virtualreality;
extern	int		mouseadjustment;
// math tables
extern	int			pixelangle[MAXVIEWWIDTH];
extern	long		far finetangent[FINEANGLES/4];
extern	fixed 		far sintable[],far *costable;

// derived constants
extern	fixed 	scale,maxslope;
extern	long	heightnumerator;
extern	int		minheightdiv;

extern	char	configname[13];

void		HelpScreens (void);
void		OrderingInfo (void);
void		TEDDeath(void);
void		Quit (char *error);
void 		CalcProjection (long focal);
boolean		SetViewSize (unsigned width, unsigned height);
void		NewGame (int difficulty,int episode);
void 		NewViewSize (int width);
boolean 	LoadTheGame(int file,int x,int y);
boolean		SaveTheGame(int file,int x,int y);
void 		ShowViewSize (int width);
void		ShutdownId (void);




extern	boolean		ingame,fizzlein;
extern	unsigned	latchpics[NUMLATCHPICS];
extern	gametype	gamestate;
extern	int			doornum;

extern	char		demoname[13];

extern	long		spearx,speary;
extern	unsigned	spearangle;
extern	boolean		spearflag;

void 	DrawPlayBorder (void);
void 	ScanInfoPlane (void);
void	SetupGameLevel (void);
void 	NormalScreen (void);
void 	DrawPlayScreen (void);
void 	FizzleOut (void);
void 	GameLoop (void);
void ClearMemory (void);
void PlayDemo (int demonumber);
void RecordDemo (void);
void DrawAllPlayBorder (void);
void	DrawHighScores(void);
void DrawAllPlayBorderSides (void);

// JAB
#define	PlaySoundLocTile(s,tx,ty)
	PlaySoundLocGlobal(s,(((long)(tx)  TILESHIFT) + (1L (TILESHIFT - 1))),
	(((long)ty TILESHIFT) + (1L (TILESHIFT - 1))))
#define	PlaySoundLocActor(s,ob)		PlaySoundLocGlobal(s,(ob)->x,(ob)->y)
void	PlaySoundLocGlobal(word s,fixed gx,fixed gy);
void UpdateSoundLoc(void);




#ifdef SPEAR
extern	long		funnyticount;		// FOR FUNNY BJ FACE

extern	exit_t		playstate;

extern	boolean		madenoise;

extern	objtype 	objlist[MAXACTORS],*new,*obj,*player,*lastobj,
extern	statobj_t	statobjlist[MAXSTATS],*laststatobj;
extern	doorobj_t	doorobjlist[MAXDOORS],*lastdoorobj;

extern	unsigned	farmapylookup[MAPSIZE];
extern	byte		*nearmapylookup[MAPSIZE];

extern	byte		tilemap[MAPSIZE][MAPSIZE];	// wall values only
extern	byte		spotvis[MAPSIZE][MAPSIZE];
extern	objtype		*actorat[MAPSIZE][MAPSIZE];

extern	byte		update[UPDATESIZE];

extern	boolean		singlestep,godmode,noclip;
extern	int			extravbls;

// control info
extern	boolean		mouseenabled,joystickenabled,joypadenabled,joystickprogressive;
extern	int			joystickport;
extern	int			dirscan[4];
extern	int			buttonscan[NUMBUTTONS];
extern	int			buttonmouse[4];
extern	int			buttonjoy[4];

extern	boolean		buttonheld[NUMBUTTONS];

extern	int			viewsize;

// curent user input
extern	int			controlx,controly;		// range from -100 to 100
extern	boolean		buttonstate[NUMBUTTONS];

extern	boolean		demorecord,demoplayback;
extern	char		far *demoptr, far *lastdemoptr;
extern	memptr		demobuffer;

void	InitRedShifts (void);
void 	FinishPaletteShifts (void);

void	CenterWindow(word w,word h);
void 	InitActorList (void);
void 	GetNewActor (void);
void 	RemoveObj (objtype *gone);
void 	PollControls (void);
void 	StopMusic(void);
void 	StartMusic(void);
void	PlayLoop (void);
void StartDamageFlash (int damage);
void StartBonusFlash (void);




void IntroScreen (void);
void PreloadGraphics(void);
void LevelCompleted (void);
void CheckHighScore (long score,word other);
void Victory (void);
void ClearSplitVWB (void);




int DebugKeys (void);
void PicturePause (void);




extern	unsigned screenloc[3];
extern	unsigned freelatch;

extern	long 	lasttimecount;
extern	long 	frameon;
extern	boolean	fizzlein;

extern	unsigned	wallheight[MAXVIEWWIDTH];

extern	fixed	tileglobal;
extern	fixed	focallength;
extern	fixed	mindist;

// math tables
extern	int			pixelangle[MAXVIEWWIDTH];
extern	long		far finetangent[FINEANGLES/4];
extern	fixed 		far sintable[],far *costable;

// derived constants
extern	fixed 	scale;
extern	long	heightnumerator,mindist;

// refresh variables
extern	fixed	viewx,viewy;			// the focal point
extern	int		viewangle;
extern	fixed	viewsin,viewcos;

extern	long		postsource;
extern	unsigned	postx;
extern	unsigned	postwidth;

extern	int		horizwall[],vertwall[];

extern	unsigned	pwallpos;

fixed	FixedByFrac (fixed a, fixed b);
void	TransformActor (objtype *ob);
void	BuildTables (void);
void	ClearScreen (void);
int		CalcRotate (objtype *ob);
void	DrawScaleds (void);
void	CalcTics (void);
void	FixOfs (void);
void	ThreeDRefresh (void);
void  FarScalePost (void);



#define TURNTICS	10
#define SPDPATROL	512
#define SPDDOG		1500

extern	dirtype opposite[9];
extern	dirtype diagonal[9][9];

void	InitHitRect (objtype *ob, unsigned radius);
void	SpawnNewObj (unsigned tilex, unsigned tiley, statetype *state);
void	NewState (objtype *ob, statetype *state);

boolean TryWalk (objtype *ob);
void 	SelectChaseDir (objtype *ob);
void 	SelectDodgeDir (objtype *ob);
void	SelectRunDir (objtype *ob);
void	MoveObj (objtype *ob, long move);
boolean SightPlayer (objtype *ob);

void	KillActor (objtype *ob);
void	DamageActor (objtype *ob, unsigned damage);

boolean CheckLine (objtype *ob);
boolean	CheckSight (objtype *ob);




#define COMPSCALECODESTART	(65*4)		// offset to start of code in comp scaler

typedef struct
	unsigned	codeofs[65];
	unsigned	width[65];
	byte		code[];
}	t_compscale;

typedef struct
	unsigned	leftpix,rightpix;
	unsigned	dataofs[64];
// table data after dataofs[rightpix-leftpix+1]
}	t_compshape;

extern	t_compscale _seg *scaledirectory[MAXSCALEHEIGHT+1];
extern	long			fullscalefarcall[MAXSCALEHEIGHT+1];

extern	byte		bitmasks1[8][8];
extern	byte		bitmasks2[8][8];
extern	unsigned	wordmasks[8][8];

extern	byte		mapmasks1[4][8];
extern	byte		mapmasks2[4][8];
extern	byte		mapmasks3[4][8];

extern	int			maxscale,maxscaleshl2;

extern	boolean	insetupscaling;

void SetupScaling (int maxscaleheight);
void ScaleShape (int xcenter, int shapenum, unsigned height);
void SimpleScaleShape (int xcenter, int shapenum, unsigned height);




// player state info
extern	boolean		running;
extern	long		thrustspeed;
extern	unsigned	plux,pluy;		// player coordinates scaled to unsigned

extern	int			anglefrac;
extern	int			facecount;

void	SpawnPlayer (int tilex, int tiley, int dir);
void 	DrawFace (void);
void	DrawHealth (void);
void	TakeDamage (int points,objtype *attacker);
void	HealSelf (int points);
void	DrawLevel (void);
void	DrawLives (void);
void	GiveExtraMan (void);
void	DrawScore (void);
void	GivePoints (long points);
void	DrawWeapon (void);
void	DrawKeys (void);
void	GiveWeapon (int weapon);
void	DrawAmmo (void);
void	GiveAmmo (int ammo);
void	GiveKey (int key);
void	GetBonus (statobj_t *check);

void	Thrust (int angle, long speed);




extern	doorobj_t	doorobjlist[MAXDOORS],*lastdoorobj;
extern	int			doornum;

extern	unsigned	doorposition[MAXDOORS],pwallstate;

extern	byte		far areaconnect[NUMAREAS][NUMAREAS];

extern	boolean		areabyplayer[NUMAREAS];

extern unsigned	pwallstate;
extern unsigned	pwallpos;			// amount a pushable wall has been moved (0-63)
extern unsigned	pwallx,pwally;
extern int			pwalldir;

void InitDoorList (void);
void InitStaticList (void);
void SpawnStatic (int tilex, int tiley, int type);
void SpawnDoor (int tilex, int tiley, boolean vertical, int lock);
void MoveDoors (void);
void MovePWalls (void);
void OpenDoor (int door);
void PlaceItemType (int itemtype, int tilex, int tiley);
void PushWall (int checkx, int checky, int dir);
void OperateDoor (int door);
void InitAreas (void);




#define s_nakedbody s_static10

extern	statetype s_grddie1;
extern	statetype s_dogdie1;
extern	statetype s_ofcdie1;
extern	statetype s_mutdie1;
extern	statetype s_ssdie1;
extern	statetype s_bossdie1;
extern	statetype s_schabbdie1;
extern	statetype s_fakedie1;
extern	statetype s_mechadie1;
extern	statetype s_hitlerdie1;
extern	statetype s_greteldie1;
extern	statetype s_giftdie1;
extern	statetype s_fatdie1;

extern	statetype s_spectredie1;
extern	statetype s_angeldie1;
extern	statetype s_transdie0;
extern	statetype s_uberdie0;
extern	statetype s_willdie1;
extern	statetype s_deathdie1;

extern	statetype s_grdchase1;
extern	statetype s_dogchase1;
extern	statetype s_ofcchase1;
extern	statetype s_sschase1;
extern	statetype s_mutchase1;
extern	statetype s_bosschase1;
extern	statetype s_schabbchase1;
extern	statetype s_fakechase1;
extern	statetype s_mechachase1;
extern	statetype s_gretelchase1;
extern	statetype s_giftchase1;
extern	statetype s_fatchase1;

extern	statetype s_spectrechase1;
extern	statetype s_angelchase1;
extern	statetype s_transchase1;
extern	statetype s_uberchase1;
extern	statetype s_willchase1;
extern	statetype s_deathchase1;

extern	statetype s_blinkychase1;
extern	statetype s_hitlerchase1;

extern	statetype s_grdpain;
extern	statetype s_grdpain1;
extern	statetype s_ofcpain;
extern	statetype s_ofcpain1;
extern	statetype s_sspain;
extern	statetype s_sspain1;
extern	statetype s_mutpain;
extern	statetype s_mutpain1;

extern	statetype s_deathcam;

extern	statetype s_schabbdeathcam2;
extern	statetype s_hitlerdeathcam2;
extern	statetype s_giftdeathcam2;
extern	statetype s_fatdeathcam2;

void SpawnStand (enemy_t which, int tilex, int tiley, int dir);
void SpawnPatrol (enemy_t which, int tilex, int tiley, int dir);
void KillActor (objtype *ob);

void	US_ControlPanel(byte);

void SpawnDeadGuard (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnBoss (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnGretel (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnTrans (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnUber (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnWill (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnDeath (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnAngel (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnSpectre (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnGhosts (int which, int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnSchabbs (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnGift (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnFat (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnFakeHitler (int tilex, int tiley);
void SpawnHitler (int tilex, int tiley);




extern	char	helpfilename[],endfilename[];

extern	void	HelpScreens(void);
extern	void	EndText(void);